"In January of 2009 Keith and Janise started construction on a 5,000 sq ft, two story Laser Tag Arena that was to become the center piece of our 30,000 sq foot indoor FEC pipe dream. Although the odds were against our survival as a start up business launching in one of the worst economic down turns in our nations history, they willingly took our down payment and got busy on the very day they promised. After numerous clashes with an irrational fire marshal and various building inspectors who dreamed up the most ridiculous hurdles to display their unquestionable authority, two and a half weeks later we miraculously had an Arena that completely met our vision and expectations. At the writing of this testimonial on 8/31/2012, we are 3 1/2 years into the ownership of the most popular and successful Laser Tag venue in St. Louis and we are still growing. The rowdy public has done their best to tear it down but it stands as firm and exciting today as when it was first built. We continue to get tons of complements and regularly hear players state that it is the 'best Laser Tag they have ever experienced'."

"Keith has a proven track record doing custom arenas for larger companies. I am an ex engineer who was looking for something new to do and started Cabin Fever Laser Tag in my home town of Flagstaff, AZ. This was a relatively small venue. Keith's enthusiasm for my project regardless of the scope was refreshing. He truly wanted this arena to be incredible and was always available to give advice to a new entrepreneur. Opening this business presented many challenges dealing with city bureaucrats, contractors, banks, and landlords but I was able to relax when it came to arena construction. Keith did what he said he would do and on time."

"Just a quick note to tell you how thrilled I am with the arena. Your artistic abilities and professionalism exceeded my expectations by miles. It is a true joy to watch customers come through and gasp at it's appearance. I have received nothing but positive comments and look forward to the increased revenue it will produce. Thanks again."



"Keith has worked with me at Brunswick for a number of years and he is truly remarkable in his artistic ability. We have worked on Casino's, family entertainment centers , water parks and go kart themes and his work is the best there is, bar none. He is reliable, creative and professional."

"Never before in the industry have I met a team more motivated than Keith and Janise. They love what they do and this is reflected in their work."

"Keith and Janise Padgett were designers on amusement ride at Happylon Park, Saint Petersburg, Russia, in August 2011. In less than two weeks they created wonderful two floor Lazer Tag attraction. They worked very hard and quickly. The game’s room worked out well. I tested this game, it was very interesting and magical. This attraction is very popular with everyone. During this building I conversed with Keith and Janise. They were very pleasant. They are wonderful people and professional artists."

"Keith Padgett is a very creative artist, and pictures of his work will show that. But what I want to compliment is Keith's character, and his ability to adjust and solve problems. I have worked with Keith on multiple projects, and he is always very professional even when things get turned upside down.

He is also very detail oriented, and always wants to improve his product, as well as the experience for the players. Laserforce builds targets and interfaces for "living arena's" and Keith is always exploring new ideas to take his props to the next level. The players senses are much more involved if the prop moves and shoots back at them. I've worked with Keith on a shotgun totin' old geezer, and giant snakes that shoot lasers out of their nostrils.

I also worked with Keith on a helicopter that has a spinning propeller. It sounds easy until you think about it. How do you hang a giant blackhawk helicopter with a spinning propeller from the ceiling, support all the weight and keep the guide wires out of the way? It's typically not cheap or easy to build interactive props, but it adds so much to the overall experience that it is definitely worth it.

That is what I really appreciate about Keith. He is willing to do the extra things that improve the overall product. He shows true concern for his craft and not just his bank account."

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