Streets of Sundown City

The Gold Rush brings an overnight boom for such a remote area of the old West. So few and far between are the chances for anyone to let a little steam off and spend some of the yellow poison burning a hole in their pockets . The town of SUNDOWN CITY offers just what the hard working miners are looking for, but at a price. "Law and Order" are rare words in these rugged parts.

Replaced by "Whiskey and Gold", which all to often bring their own form of "Law and Order".

The Marshals in town are no more than hired guns, hired by local merchants and bootleggers more interested in protecting their profits and power than bringing justice to the
Streets of Sundown City

The only way to bring order to this corrupt town is to take on the POWER BARONS and their establishments. Remember to defend your own claims first, before you take on the Barons in the
Streets of Sundown Cit

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