Guarding the Philosopher's Stone

Mystic Arena combines Magic and Gadgets for a truly unique environment.

Based on the fictional character, Creel, who ruled his land during an age of conflicts cause by the rebirth of Science in a time where knowledge was a privilege and ignorance was abound. Practitioners of this rebirth were considered Wizards and Magicians and not merely explorers of Science and Alchemy.

Creel enjoyed absolute rule during this age using fear and ignorance to control the mass. Fear of the magic Creel was thought to possess, and ignorance of his obsession with the alchemy created legends of a powerful Wizard who pos-sessed the “Philosophers Stone”.

Gear up for the Arena in the Study of the Wizard Creel, you will enter the Arena through secret passageways or simply take the Stairs up to the sec-ond level of the Arena.

Journey through Halls and Mapping rooms of Creels Estate. Locks open the way to the “Mines” , source of Creels Magic. Weave your way through columns of Stalagmite and Stalactite, pits of Lava under a Swinging Bridge.

Find yourself in the “Mapping Rooms” decorated with pedestals supporting the winged creatures rumored to fly the skies at night.

Leaving the “Mapping Room” through the “Great Hall” where columns support the archways leading the way through the Hall,. Torches light the way…

Adding to the Legend of Creel the “Ceremonial Room” complete with an elevated cauldron, lighting dual columns forming an octagon overhead which surround the room creating 4 different paths through the Arena.

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