The Streets of Apocolyptocas

Prepare yourself for what may be the most important battle of your life. As part of the "Resistance Fighters" you must try to enter the Arena undetected through a system of Mechanical Rooms and Hallways of what was once the industrial heart of a thriving Metropolis. Now, anarchy has replaced order for the control of the Streets of Apocolyptocas.

Once you are on the streets be mindful of every window and alleyway. Use the ramps to work your way through the Streets of Apocolyptocas and back to the warehouse, and your stronghold.

Bases on each level must be defended at all cost and beware of the dreaded Sentry. Not only do they receive punishment, but they dish it out as well. Maneuver your way through the Warehouse, by crossing bridges, loading docks, and storage areas. Ascend through a maze of ramps which lead you to the Streets of Apocolyptocas.

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